OctoWallet, bitcoin hardware wallet, are devices to hold your private keys in a safe storage. Coupled with intuitive software or mobile apps, they provide you a peace of mind. Security

Comprehending the blockchain technology has already been time consuming task for lots of people. Employing technologies to secure your private key can be daunting while compromising its safety simply due to its complexity. That’s the reason you need OctoWallet it safeguard your private key in your busy daily working and life.

How Secure

OctoWallet device is designed to have important features:

True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

It’s based on asynchronous ring oscillators whitened using LFSRs, which makes the random generating process completely unpredictable. This makes your private key generation less vulnerable.

Private Key Always kept in device

OctoWallet employs a bank-grade MCU (multipoint control unit) rather than a common chip whose interfaces are mostly available. Its build-in encryption capacity enables a more secure architecture and storage. All necessary cryptographic operations, of your transactions, happen in device. No risk of leaking your private key to eavesdropper.

Active Anti-Tampering system

OctoWallet is equipped with anti-tampering mechanisms that further protect your device from physical attacks. Our next model, i.e. TUFF, has the design of a voltage detect sensor powered by a battery that actively protects your device from brutal forced entry attempt. It wipes out the sensitive data from the device on detecting any of this kind of attack.

Firmware Booting Signature Verification System

Two layers of signature verification system protect a phoney firmware being installed.