2018 Year’s Review

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OctoWallet Array

With the new year coming closer, OctoWallet is progressing greatly on its journey of creating a better and more secure hardware wallet. Let’s look back at what we have accomplished.

Pre-Sale Token Offering

String Funding, a blockchain enabled crowdfunding platform

We have commenced our journey from launching historical Pre-Sale Token Offering in September 2018. As our OCT token is considered as a type of non-cash payment facility, we have set each backer’s contribution limit to AUD $700. We have raised ETH 16.0 and AUD$ 7,001 by the end of October 2018. OctoWallets team thanks everyone for your great support and we take this as a great honour and responsibility to make a better product for the community.

Listing on String Exchang

String Exchange, a Flexible and competitive cryptocurrency exchange

In November, OCT tokens have been successfully listed on String Exchange, an Australia based digital tokens exchange.  Interested backers and users can purchase OCT tokens with AUD or BTC once become a registered user of String Exchange. By Paying with OCT tokens to purchase OctoWallets, we offer free delivery Australia wide.

Product Design

OctoWallet, bitcoin hardware wallet. Safer and less hassle

During the year of 2018, OctoWallet team have polished our product designs four times and made tremendous improvements and received positive feedbacks from industry experts and experienced users. The following pictures are our latest version of the finalised product.

OctoWallet SILO, connecting to Android phone.
One Button Design

The most obvious difference you may spot on our final version is the one button design. Although it appears to be a small change, it optimises users’ experience once connected to smartphones. We have also engaged with our wallet software partner to ensure the OctoWallets are functioning well . We believe all our efforts are worth it when we look at our final version of the OctoWallet.

Working with Electrum

In addition, we are also working on Electrum wallet to make it supportive of Octowallet. In the hindsight of most recent attack launched on Electrum wallet, it appears to us OctoWallets’ users would have an extra layer of security wall to safely store their crypto assets. We will make pull request to it’s official repo after we finalize our updates in relation to the Electrum wallet issues.

Coinloop App

Coinloop App

Our software partner, Coinloop.app, is working closely with us to ensure OctoWallet will support more cryptocurrencies. As of today, OctoWallet, via Coinloop, supports BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens.


Octowallet Package Design

Before we launch the sale of OctoWallets, we are performing stringent tests for the packaging design. As of today, OctoWallet team have decided to include

  • 1x Octowallet SILO
  • 1x Usb-C cable
  • 2x Seeds paper
  • 1x manual and
  • 2x Stickers


OctoWallets can be purchased with OCT tokens. This revolutionary payment method represents signification discount compared to the retail price. And you can enjoy free shipping Australia wide. This is the present to our backers who have supported us during the September & October 2018 pre- sale token offering event.

2019 and Security

Yesterday (as of writing), Wallet.fail publishes a new video in which it reveals several different ways of hacking existing popular hardware wallets. Although OctoWallet has been immune to most of them by design from the very beginning, our team are vigilantly testing our products against all those attacks.

In order to provide a better and more secure product we have decided to postpone the sale of OctoWallets to February 2019.  Stay tuned and we will keep you updated with more great news and progress of OctoWallets!

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