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OctoWallet Device
OctoWallet with Coinloop app
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What is Octowallet?

As the first mobile-compatible hard wallet, OctoWallet has advanced features to safeguard your digital assets.

Secure Custody

More Secure

With the popularity growth of cryptocurrency, you deserve a more secure hardware wallet. A wallet is always designed with security first principle and aim for security level above banks'. We are envisioning to enable a secure custody device for the financial sector, fund managers and the greater community.

Versatile Wallet

Versatile Wallet

Our wallet is featured on easy, easier and easest use. Our goal is to lower the bar for people's daily use of cryptocurrencies, ease portforlio management and be convenient to exchange.

OctoWallet Device

6 Reasons Why OctoWallet

ico page3 secure Secure Boasting bank-grade hardware, you can rest easy knowing your digital assets are safe from malicious exploits.

ico page3 versatility Versatile Whether you make transactions a handful of times a day, or just a few times a year, the OctoWallet is adaptable to your needs. With it you will be able to do a lot more.

ico page3 independence Digital Independence Protecting your property right by safeguarding your cryptocurrency offline. You have multiple choices rather than relying on single service provider.

ico page3 control Safe Governance We give you full control of your digital assets. As long as you control your private key, you control your funds.

ico page3 transaction Portable Designed for comfortable use with just one hand. No need to put your device down to transfer funds. Convenience at the palm of your hand with no sacrifice to security. Make transactions on the go without the need for Wi-Fi.

ico page3 tamperproof Tamper Proof* OctoWallet protects you by wiping your data if the device is physically forced open.

* Feature available later OctoWallet model, the OctoWallet Tuff.
OctoWallet device
OctoWallet device and Coinloop app
OctoWallet device and Coinloop app

Secure and Versatile Wallet


  • Private keys generated and stored offline within the device
  • Easily back-up and restore your wallet using the 24 word recovery phrase
  • Multi-currency support: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, ERC20 Tokens, DASH, LTC, & more to come
  • USB-C port for hassle free cable connection
  • Large screen for address validation
  • Physical side button prevents accidental confirmation of transactions
  • Direct connection to Android smartphones and desktop computers


  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG). It's based on asynchronous ring oscillators whitened using LFSRs.
  • Special Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) with built-in encryption features
  • SILO can detect tampering on start-up.
  • TUFF has built-in mechanisms to prevent brute force tampering
  • Firmware booting signature verification protects the device from tampering
  • Sensitive data wipe-out on positive detection of tampering detection



*We are in the midst of applying for these certifications. Please check back for updates.
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